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Spinel Sapphire blue Round Ball beads wholesale from china Suppliers. 

Faceted beads are popular cut for the jewelry setting, and smooth balls are also one of most popular cut for the jewelry designs.

The following is the Synthetic Spinel Sapphire blue #113 round smooth balls.

The sizes are: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm

These sapphire blue balls can be made in Corundum synthetic Blue sapphire as well. and the sizes can made in bigger as well.


FU RONG GEMS can also make these smooth balls in other materials, such as Cubic Zirconia gemstones, Glass gemstones, and corundum gemstones & other synthetic gemstones as well.

Contact us today to get the high quality of Spinel-sapphire-Blue-Round-Ball-beads-suppliers-from-china.



Cubic Zirconia loose CZ Round diamond faceted cut with drilled holes China suppliers and manufacturers.

With drilled hole gemstones always a best choice for the earring or necklace jewelry.

To drill the hole in a Round Diamond faceted cut Gemstones is also popular for the jewelry setting.

The following are the Cubic Zirconia & glass Round Diamond faceted cut Gemstones with drilled holes:


FU RONG GEMS can drill the holes for the round diamond faceted stones or also can drill the holes in marquise,pear,heart shape gemstones.

Contact us today to get the high quality of Round Diamond faceted cut Gemstones with drilled holes from china suppliers and manufacturers.

Color-Rainbow-Effect-White-Cubic-Zirconia-AB-Plated-Color-Round-brilliant-diamond-cut stones-supplier

Color-Rainbow-Effect-White-Cubic-Zirconia-AB-Plated-Color-Round-brilliant-diamond-cut stones-supplier

What’s Plated Rainbow Effect color CZ Stones?

It’s the white CZ Stones plated the color which looks like the Rainbow Effect.

The sizes can be made from 3mm-20mm.


Where to buy the Plated Rainbow Effect color white CZ Stones?

FU RONG GEMS Supply high quality of Rainbow Effect color CZ Stones at factory direct pricing from china supplier and manufacturers.

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Trapezoid diamond Princess cut cubic zirconia white gemstones wholesale

Trapezoid Diamond brilliant Princess cut cubic-zirconia white Color gemstones wholesale from China.

What’s Trapezoid diamond cut?

Trapezoids, also known as trapeze-cut diamonds, are a versatile side stones shape because they can be used with many center diamond shapes. The term trapeze is probably derived from the flying trapeze made famous in the circus. The trapeze cut diamonds were traditionally step-cut but in recent years the brilliant cut trapeze has gained popularity due to the increased demand for radiants and princess cut Cubic Zirconia Stones.


The following HD video is the Loose Cubic Zirconia Trapezoid diamond brilliant Princess cut gemstones in 5x3x3mm.:

Where to buy the Trapezoid diamond brilliant cut gemstones?

You’re come to right place, FU RONG GEMS supply high quality of Trapezoid diamond brilliant cut gemstones in princess or step cut, can be made in White Cubic Zirconia gemstones or other colored gemstones.

Contact us to get a free quote for the Trapezoid diamond Princess cut cubic zirconia white gemstones from china suppliers and wholesaler.