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Loose Cubic Zirconia Rondelle beads China wholesale and manufacturers

Loose Cubic Zirconia Rondelle beads China wholesale and manufacturers

Rondelle Beads is one of the most popular bead for the jewelry designs.

Roudelle Beads can be made in many kinds of material, Roudelle crystal beads, Roudelle glass beads. Here another premium option is to use the Cubic Zirconia Roudelle beads, it’s sparkling and brilliant and shinning, will give your designs more attractive.


Loose Cubic Zirconia Rondelle beads can be made in many colors.

The popular size of Rondelle beads is 14mm (6.5mm thickness.) Hole size if 5mm.

we can also make loose cubic zirconia Rondelle beads in smaller sizes.

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Black Colored Cubic Zirconia Faceted Beads with drilled big holes

Black Colored Cubic Zirconia Faceted Beads with drilled big holes

Black-Colored-Cubic-zirconia-Faceted-Beads-with-big-holes-supplier Black-Colored-CZ-Faceted-Beads-with-big-holes-china


Name:Hot Sale Synthetic Black Round Circle Cubic Zirconia Gemstone cz big hole
Gemstone type: synthetic, man made, lab created
Material:synthetic cubic zircon
Shape: Round Beads
Size : 6x6mm above:
Color:  white, gold, green, gold, orange, black, blue, coffee, champagne
MOQ: 100pcs

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Loose Cubic zirconia Aqua Topaz Blue Faceted Beads China wholesale

Loose Cubic zirconia Aqua Topaz Blue Faceted Beads China wholesale:

With Drilled Holes available:(For loose cubic zirconia,lab created sapphire,ruby,spinel and other Synthetic Gemstones)

At Fu Rong Gems, you can buy Faceted beads CZ stones at Wholesale Direct Factory prices from the Real China Professional Manufacturer and Supplier.Check our Website to choose Your Ideal Faceted beads with drilled holes Loose Cubic Zirconia stones,Faceted beads Lab Created Gemstones such as Sapphire,Aqua,Created Ruby and Alexandrine stones.
Colors Available: 
White/Clear,Amethyst,Aqua,Black,Champagne,Garnet,Lavender,Orange,Olive,Peridot,Pink,Tanzanite,Violet, Yellow and much more…. Please check from our Website or send us your ideal colors to our Email.
–High Quality

Low, Low Factory Prices from China Wuzhouthe Biggest Synthetic Gemstones
Manufacturing Base in the World.

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Faceted Balls can be making from 0.7mm-15mm, in Loose CZ Stones and Synthetic Gemstones, Good polishing, 

with accurate size and many years process experience.
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Cubic Zirconia Teardrop Stones CZ Drop stones China Wholesale and Supplier

Teardrop Cubic Zirconia Stones:
Teardrop Cubic Zirconia Stones China Wholesale  
Shape & size: 9×36 & 7x18mm cubic zirconia (CZ) faceted pear, with a frontal hole on the top
Exw Prices for your reference:
9x36mm CZ faceted pear:  2.66 USD/pcs;
10x20mm CZ faceted pear: 1.78 USD/pcs
7x18mm CZ faceted pear: 1.16 USD/pcs
7x18mm CZ drop: 1.56USD/pcs
7x10mm CZ drop: 0.88 USD/pcs
6x9mm CZ drop: 0.79 USD/pcs
5x7mm CZ drop: 0.66 USD/pcs
Materail: cubic zirconia (CZ), spinel,corundum (ruby or sapphire), crystal and glass.
Colors of cubic zirconia:  listed on our Website
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