Hearts and Arrows Cuts

Cubic Zirconia White Color 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows Cut (Star Cut) and 10 Hearts and 10 Arrows cut:
–We Supply and Manufacture Cubic Zirconia 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows cut,10 Hearts and 10 Arrows cut,Star cut CZ stones with very high quality (A, AAA and AAAAA Top Quality).
–Material: Cubic Zirconia
–Size: 1.00–50.00 mm
–Quality Grades: AA, AAA and 5A(Top) Quality
—-Low, Low Factory Prices from China Wuzhou–the Biggest Synthetic Gemstones
Manufacturing Base in the World.
Cubic-Zirconia-white-Heart -and-arrow-cut stones-China-Supplier
Perfectly formed Hearts and Arrows patterns with eight hearts AND eight arrows (above, left) are only found in diamonds that meet the American Gem Society Laboratories’ “0” Ideal Cut specifications. The IdealScope was invented by Kazumi Okuda in the 1970’s, and its later incarnation, the “FireScope,” was invented by Ken Shigetomi and Kazumi Okuda in 1984. The first official H & A “EightStar” diamond was cut in 1985 by Kioyishi Higuchi for Japanese businessman and FireScope manufacturer, Takanori Tamura.
At Fu Rong Gems, you can buy Heart and Arrow Cut Cubic Zirconia gemstones at Wholesale Direct Factory prices from the Real China Professional Manufacturer and Supplier. Check our Website to choose Your Ideal Heart and Arrow Cut Loose Cubic Zirconia stones,Heart and Arrow Cut Lab Created Gemstones such as Sapphire,Aqua,Lab reated Ruby and Alexandrine stones. All Heart and Arrow Cut gemstones are wholesale directly from China.
–Production Capacity more than 30,000,000 pcs/monthly!

Low, Low Factory Prices from China Wuzhou–the Biggest Synthetic Gemstones Manufacturing Base in the World.

Colors Available:
Cubic Zircoinia stones:
White/Clear,Amethyst,Aqua,Black,Champagne,Garnet,Lavender,Orange,Olive,Peridot,Pink,Tanzanite,Violet, Yellow and much more….
Pictures are for your reference:
                                                                        Click To Enlarge
Cubic Zirconia White Color Hearts and Arrows Cut (Star Cut):

The Following are the normal sizes for each cuts/shapes For your Reference:

1.0mm               1.20mm            1.25mm            1.30mm            1.35mm           1.40mm 

1.45mm             1.50mm            1.65mm            1.75mm            1.85mm           2.00mm

2.15mm             2.25mm            2.35mm            2.45mm            2.50mm           2.65mm

2.75mm             2.85mm            3.00mm            3.25mm            3.50mm           3.75mm

4.00mm             4.25mm            4.50mm            4.75mm            5.00mm           5.25mm

5.50mm             5.75mm            6.00mm            6.50mm            7.00mm           7.50mm

8.00mm             8.50mm            9.00mm            9.50mm           10.00mm         11.00mm

12.00mm          13.00mm          14.00mm          15.00mm           16.00mm         17.00mm

18.00mm         19.00mm           20.00mm

Contact us to get a Free Quote for your Ideal Loose Cubic zirconia Heart and Arrow Cut Stones from China Supplier and Manufacturer.



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