Catalogue By Cuts

Normal Cuts:
For Loose CZ Gemstones,Lab Created Gemtones,Simulated Gemstones or other Synthetic Gemstones.
This is the most classic cut. As well made round brilliant loose gemstones is symmetrical, well polished, and reflects a very high percentage of the light that enters it – thus its name – round brilliant.

While reminiscent of the round brilliant cut, both in sparkle and shape, the oval loose gemstones maintains its own brand of elegance, and has recently become a very popular centerpiece for engagement rings.

Pear Cut
A pear or teardrop or briolette shaped loose gemstones combines the brilliance and form of a round stone with the elongated elegance of a marquise. While a pear loose gemstones is generally half again as long as it is wide, some prefer the look of a longer or shorter loose gemstones.

Marquise Cut
The Marquise synthetic gemstones is an elongated brilliant-cut stone with a point on each end, which can vary in shape from long and slender to a shorter, broader appearance. In general, marquise loose gemstones are approximately twice as long as they are wide, but some prefer the look of a longer or shorter stone.

A princess cut loose gemstones is typically a four-sided square, brilliant-cut diamond with pointed rather than truncated (“clipped”) corners.

Usually rectangular, this loose gemstones cut demonstrates a classic elegance. Fully faceted for maximum brilliance, unlike the traditional step cut that are very transparent.

A more fanciful cut, shaped just as it sounds, heart shaped loose gemstones make truly beautiful pendants and earrings, and have now begun to gain in popularity as engagement stones.

Trillion Cut

Trillion cut series:

A wedge shape loose gemstones with fiery brilliance. It can be a traditional triangular shape with pointed corners, or a more rounded triangular shape. Trillions (also called trilliants or triangles) are often used as diamond accents in three stone rings and other jewelry settings, but may also be chosen to be set as solitaire diamonds.

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