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Canary Yellow color is popular color for the Diamond gemstones, Cubic Zirconia stone have the canary yellow color, which it’s perfectly matched with.

The stones in the following picture are the 10x7mm and 2 pieces of 10x8mm pear shape cubic zirconia canary yellow color stones.

It’s the AAAAA highest quality of Cubic Zirconia stone, nice cutting & faceting.


The canary yellow color is the Medium to light shade.

The left one is the 10x7mm pear stones with lower height, (3.75mm), the color of it looks lighter than right 2 ones (10x8mm) with standard height visually.

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Nano Topaz blue marquise faceted 6x3mm topaz sky blue gemstones wholesale

Nano Topaz blue marquise faceted 6x3mm topaz sky blue gemstones wholesale

Nano Crystal Gemstones is one of best subsitute for some Natural Color Gemstone,

The following picture is the Nano Crystal Topaz Blue/sky blue color Marquise Gemstones.


There’re many colors in Nano Crystal gemstones.

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Cubic Zirconia Garnet Red Medium color and Dark Color shade Comparison

Loose Cubic Zirconia Garnet Red Medium color and Dark Color shade Comparison

The following is the Loose cubic zirconia garnet red oval shape faceted 10x12mm and 12x14mm gemstones.

10x12mm is the medium shade of CZ garnet red, 12x14mm is the dark shade of CZ garnet red stones. You can see the color shade difference between the medium and dark.


And also, there’s a light color shade for the cubic zirconia garnet red color gemstones.

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Elongated-cushion-cut-Moissanite-Stones-China-suppliers and wholesale

Elongated cushion cut Moissanite diamond Stones wholesale from China suppliers and Factory.

What’s Elongated cushion cut ?

If you’ve never heard of “cushion cut” before, it’s a cross between a princess (square) shape and round brilliant shape diamond, with softened corners to look like a pillow. Elongated simply means that it looks more like a rectangle than a square.

Moissanite stones are very popular in recent years, as it’s brilliant and sparkling as the genuine diamond or lab grown diamond stones.

The following are the picture of the Elongated cushion cut Moissanite diamond stones:


FU RONG GEMS supply high quality of Elongated cushion cut Moissanite diamond Stones wholesale at factory direct pricing.

Moissanite stones can be made in other popular sizes and shapes as well.

Such as the popular heart and arrow cut, oval, pear, emerald, asscher cut,etc.

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