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Five star shape Moissanite-Diamond-gemstones for sale at wholesale price

Five star shape Moissanite Diamond gemstones-for-sale-at wholesale price from china suppliers and manufacturers. 

Round brilliant diamond cut is most popular cut for the genuine real Diamond gemstones for the jewelry settings.  So does the Moissanite diamond gemstones.  Apart from the Fancy popular shapes such as Oval,pear, marquise stone,  The Five star shape is unique  & special popular cut for the gemstone.  it will give your jewelry a unique design.

The following is the Five star shape Moissanite Diamond gemstones:


The size of this five star shape moissanite stone is 6x6x6mm, Can be made in other sizes accordingly.

The Color grades of moissanite stone can be made in EF, GH, and IJ color.

As the real diamond stones, there’re 4C Standards for the Moissanite gemstones:

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