Diamond may be a girl’s best friend,CZ Stones are the Best simulant of Diamond

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for a very special 60th anniversary celebration Hong Kong jeweler TSL has taken the precious stone to the dogs.  Snoopy, the cartoon character that shines with personality, has been recreated by TSL in a statue that stands just under six inches tall and that consists of nearly ten thousand brilliant white diamonds – giving him a completely different kind of shine.

The bejeweled pup also took more than seven hundred black diamonds and just over four hundred rubies to complete for a total of more than 200 carats of fine gems and a whole heck of a lot of sparkle.  While most will probably agree that it’s good to go all out for truly special occasions, this amazing homage, which took more than eight months to put together, may be a bit much for even such an iconic character.

The estimated value of the Snoopy, “Ever Shining Star” statue is nearly $375,000 but you can have a bling filled birthday or anniversary celebration for quite a bit less than that.  If you want to celebrate in style, how about a simple and classic pair of diamond studs or a high quality diamond pendant?  – And for those of us that want the look of natural diamonds and rubies for even less, amazing creations crafted from loose cz and lab gems provide the very same sparkle for a fraction of the cost.

AAAAA cubic zirconia can rival the beauty of the best diamonds, even those hand selected to be a part the finest jewelry or those used to assemble Snoopy’s 60th anniversary statue.  With high quality cz you’ll have no problem looking like you’ve spent thousands of dollars, but you’ll actually be able to achieve that look on a budget.



we (FU RONG GEMS) are a Professional Supplier and the Real Factory which have more than 19 years experience in manufacturing Loose Cubic Zirconia (cz diamond), --Production Capacity more than 30,000,000 pcs/monthly! --Low, Low Factory Prices from China Wuzhou--the Biggest Synthetic Gemstones Manufacturing Base in the World. Various shapes, sizes and colors are available! 1..The color of our Cubic zirconia including: white, black, pink, amethyst, yellow, champagne, golden, lavender, purple, orange, garnet, peridot, apple green, rose, coffee, emerald, brown, aquamarine, water blue etc. 2.The shape of our Cubic zirconia including: round, square, marquise, octangle, star, oval, leaf, cross, kite, heart, triangle, rectangle, pear, trillion, clubs, drop, saddle, half moon, facet ball, fan, hexagon, checked, crown, sunflower, axe, butterfly, 3.Sizes: 1 to 120mm 4.Quality: AAAAA,AAAA,AAA, AA, A, AB and B grade. Contact us Via Email to get a Free Quote for your Ideal Stones. CZ Loose Gemstones China Wholesale CZ Stones Suppliers and Manufacturers lab Created Gemstones China Suppliers and Manufacturers

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